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Radiator Service in New Orleans


Top-Tier Service for Aluminum Radiators, Industrial Radiators, Marine Radiators and Plastic Radiators


Top Tier Service for any type of Radiator including all makes and models including plastic and aluminum as well as heavy-duty industrial, commercial, and marine radiators and coolers.

The Radiator Shops of New Orleans and Harvey are a family-owned and operated company with more than 50 years of experience in radiator repair, service, sales, and installation. The Radiator Shops of New Orleans and Harvey are fully licensed and insured as well as a long time member of the National Automotive Radiator Service Association (NARSA). We focus on all makes and models of radiators, both plastic and aluminum, and are fully equipped to handle commercial, industrial, marine, and diesel radiators.

It is important to take care of and properly maintain your radiator because it is a vital part of your engine’s cooling system.

Signs that your radiator and/or cooling system needs servicing include:

  • Steam coming from under the hood
  • A foul smell
  • Coolant leakage in a variety of colors in puddles under your car
  • Temperature gauge in the higher directions
  • Discoloration and rust
  • Low coolant levels

Don’t make the mistake of ever brushing off potential radiator problems. It’s important to get professional attention for all radiator issues as soon as possible. When you need professional radiator service that’s detailed, experienced, knowledgeable and exhaustive, you can count on our hard-working technicians.

Call us as The Radiator Shop as soon as possible to make an appointment for the best radiator repair service in all of New Orleans.