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Custom A/C Hoses in New Orleans


Custom A/C Hoses

Custom A/C hoses are a big specialty we offer here at The Radiator Shop. If you’re looking for the finest choices in custom A/C hoses in all of New Orleans, Louisiana, our trusted business can fully accommodate you.

We have custom hoses that are suitable for all kinds of A/C lines and systems. People in need of one-of-a-kind A/C hoses can rely on our shop to provide them with the most durable and dependable options around. We don’t only produce A/C hoses, either. Our skilled technicians also specialize in repair services for them.


Our specialists are capable of making custom A/C hoses that can successfully accommodate any and all autos. We always aim to give our customers exactly what they want. Be as specific and clear as possible when describing your custom A/C hose requirements.

Tell us how long you want your hose to be and what style of fitting suits you best. Our staff members can construct a hose that’s ideal for any fussy applications. The Radiator Shop provides customers with plentiful choices in fittings, tee fittings, splicers and beyond. We also stock many fittings that are equipped with handy service ports.

People who need custom A/C hoses don’t have to worry about our capabilities for a second. That’s because we manufacture A/C hoses that are appropriate for all different models and sizes.

Our goal is to make first-rate A/C hoses that can accommodate everyone, period. If you want to work with consummate professionals who have extensive knowledge that involves automobiles and their cooling needs, you can always turn to our dedicated and hard-working team members.

Locating replacement A/C hoses isn’t always an easy and quick task. That’s why The Radiator Shop can save the day for you. We specialize in custom A/C hoses that are top of the line. Note, too, that we’re able to use any fittings you already have. If your hose seems to be totally broken, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to use its fittings. All we have to do is put them on your replacement hose.

If you’re searching for first-rate custom A/C hoses in New Orleans, you should contact us at The Radiator Shop right away. We’ve been providing New Orleans residents with exemplary automotive services since opening back in 1965.