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Dependable Brake Service in New Orleans


Brake Service at The Radiator Shop

Radiators aren’t the only things our immensely talented mechanics know. Our technicians are also some of the proficient brake experts you can find. If you’re searching for New Orleans’ greatest brake service, our company has your needs down pat. You can depend on our technicians to make sure your brakes are safe and always running as smoothly as possible.

If you fail to get repair service for brakes that aren’t working perfectly, you could make yourself more susceptible to danger while on the road. You could also make passengers and fellow drivers more susceptible to hazards when you’re behind the wheel. Brake failure can lead to everything from minor to major collisions.


If your brakes have a problem, there may be signs such as:

  • Squealing and grinding noises. Odd sounds tend to signify issues that are associated with brake pads. Worn out brakes can also be destructive to other components of your brakes.
  • Quivering during braking. If you detect a strange quivering feeling on your hands or feet during braking, repair work may be necessary. This vibrating is typically associated with tired out brakes.
  • Conspicuous pulling. If your auto has a habit of pulling in a certain direction any time you brake, your brakes probably need to be fixed. Extra fluid or adjustment may be required.

It’s crucial for drivers to always be safe and smart. That’s why it’s also crucial for them to never dismiss indications of brake trouble. If anything seems abnormal with your brakes, you should call The Radiator Shop without hesitation to get an appointment for our A+ service.

We also offer brake maintenance service. This can be excellent for auto owners who want to stop problems before they emerge in the first place.

If you’re interested in being a proactive vehicle owner and driver who is prepared to handle any situation, routine maintenance can make a fantastic option for you.

If you’re trying to find the finest brake service in all of beautiful New Orleans, The Radiator Shop can help make your dreams come true.

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Our technicians are seasoned brake experts who have a true zeal for excellent service.

When you’re looking for trustworthy professional brake service that’s also wonderfully affordable, you can rely on The Radiator Shop. Call our business today to make an appointment for our brake repair or maintenance work.