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Engine Repair in New Orleans


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Regular engine repairs are essential for all people who own autos. Getting your auto serviced on a routine basis can be smart for so many reasons. It can help prevent potentially hazardous accidents from occurring while you’re driving. It can help stop minor problems from getting out of hand (and therefore becoming more expensive to manage).

It can encourage your vehicle to run efficiently. It can even help you keep the condition of your vehicle in tiptop shape for a lot longer. If you don’t want to have to worry about replacing your auto for as long as possible, it’s always wise to get it tuned up frequently. There’s no denying that regular engine repairs are a good idea for any and all vehicle owners.

Be attentive to hints that may suggest that your vehicle requires routine engine maintenance. Possible hints include:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency. If your car’s fuel efficiency just isn’t what it used to be, prompt engine maintenance may be in order. All types of things can lessen fuel efficiency. These things include problematic fuel injectors, problematic spark plugs and unclean fuel filters.
  • A vehicle that makes squeaking sounds. A vehicle that has a habit of squeaking during turning can signify low fluids.
  • Exhaust that gives off a horrible stench. If your autos exhaust smells especially awful, your catalytic converter may require a thorough cleaning. Look out for exhaust smells that are reminiscent of rotten eggs.
  • A steering wheel that feels unusually rigid. An oddly rigid steering wheel can also signal low fluids.
  • Burning odors and dark smoke. Both of these things often denote oxygen sensors that are clogged.

If you pay attention to things that may denote the need for a good old-fashioned routine engine maintenance, you may be able to improve the performance of your vehicle in a significant way. Drivers should always do whatever they can to be in tune with their vehicles’ needs.

If you’re looking for a thorough and high-quality vehicle maintenance anywhere in New Orleans, you can depend on our industrious mechanics fully. When you turn to The Radiator Shop for your engine repair needs, our technicians will assess everything from your vehicle’s fuel injectors to its brakes.

Our maintenance services are exhaustive and detail-oriented. Call The Radiator Shop today to make an appointment for our high-quality engine repairs!