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Heater Cores Service in New Orleans


Heater Cores

Heater cores are a big focal point for The Radiator Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you need to purchase a new heater core for your auto, you can count on our business to come through for you 100 percent. Heater cores, in short, are tools that handle the vehicle cabins’ heating requirements.

Although they’re similar to radiators, they’re significantly smaller. Heater cores are integral components of autos’ cooling systems. They handle circulation duties. They also help defrosters with correct operations. Heater cores are generally situated in the back of dashboards.


If you’re searching for dependable and durable heater core replacements, The Radiator Shop has exactly what you need. Faulty heater cores are typically relatively simple to identify. If you notice the interior of your vehicle getting strangely and inexplicably foggy, a problematic heater core is likely the culprit. Odd smells also frequently signify heater core concerns. If your nose detects an unusual scent that’s unpleasantly sweet (and somewhat similar to fruit), then that’s probably radiator fluid you smell. This is a key indication of coolant leakage.

A passenger compartment that’s bizarrely cold is yet another sign of a defective heater core.

The heater cores we offer are the pictures of first-rate. Our customers never have to expect anything less than the very best from us. Our heater core choices are sturdy, durable and reliable. They can offer extended heat that can keep passengers and drivers nice, toasty and cozy when outside temperatures are low. Our heater core installation service is thorough, dependable and secure.

People in need of reliable, efficient and in-depth heater core service in New Orleans can always turn to The Radiator Shop. Our technicians are seasoned, hard-working and skilled professionals who have significant heater core expertise. Call The Radiator Shop without delay to learn more about our trusted heater core services.

We’re a prominent auto repair shop that truly understands heater cores and how they work. You can reach our full-service business by telephone or email. You can also visit us in person! If you’re serious about A+ heater cores, The Radiator Shop is the smartest option available to you.